Parkrimp Crimping Machines

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Parker's Parkrimp family of crimping machines enable any user to make factory-quality hose assemblies quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The Parkrimp-style crimpers are designed to crimp fittings to the proper diameter every time. These crimpers are simple to operate and they're built to provide years of dependable service. Designed to produce accurate crimps from the first time it's used, Parkrimp crimpers require no calibration and continuously produce proper crimps, time after time. Parker's family of Parkrimp models can crimp straight or bent-stem fittings from ¼" to 2" in diameter and cover needs ranging from high-volume productivity to portable, on-site assembly. Choose from the following crimpers to meet your specific needs.

The Karrykrimp modular design gives users the flexibility of a portable crimper with the advantages of increased productivity when connected to the stationary power unit. Increased height enables longer bent tube fittings to be crimped with Parker's 25, 26, 43, 81 and HY Series Parkrimp fittings. Parker's Karrykrimp models can crimp straight or bent-stem steel fittings from 1/4" to 1 ¼" in diameter.

Karrykrimp 2:
The Karrykrimp 2 is a portable, compact and ruggedly built crimper that is an economic alternative for the self-assembly of Parker's hose and fittings.
Parker's Karrykrimp 2 models can crimp Parkrimp style straight or bent-stem stainless and stainless steel fittings up to 1 ¼" in diameter including 25, 26, 43, 70, 71, 73, 77, 78, 81 and HY series.

Parkrimp 2:
The Parkrimp 2 is Parker's largest and most versatile bench mounted crimper that comes in either single phase or three phase electric. Parker's Parkrimp 2 models can crimp straight or bent-stem steel and stainless steel fittings from ¼” to 2" in diameter including 25, 26, 43, 70, 71, 73, 76, 77, 78, 79, 81 S6, and HY series.

• Transportation
• RV & Bus
• Military
• Construction
• Agriculture
• Grounds & Building Maintenance
• Forestry
• Railroad
• Utility Equipment
• Personnel Lift Equipment
• Machine Tool
• Oil Field Service
• Waste & Refuse
• Material Handling
• Marine
• Paving & Road Maintenance
• Ground Support Equipment
• Industrial
• Mining
• Automotive

• Portable, compact, rugged design
• Parker's exclusive Parkalign system, which positions the fitting in the die for a perfect crimp every time
• An efficient bottom-loading design that makes it easier for operators to manage long hose assemblies
• Linked dies that prevent segments from being misplaced or mismatched
• Dies that are color coded by size for easy identification and reduced set-up time
• Durability that provides years of reliable service
• An information-rich decal that details the list of proper hose and fitting combinations, tools required and the crimp specification for each hose and fitting combination

• Enables any user to make factory-quality hose assemblies