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Fluid Energy Philippines Incorporated (FEPI) opened its doors to Filipinos in 2010 to provide the best equipment parts that suit any line of industry such as: power, mining, shipping, shipbuilding, fishing, manufacturing and construction. 

We have carried Parker Hannifin products, which included an array of pneumatic products, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic filters, fittings, fluid contractors, refrigeration valves, and more since the very start of our operation, thus displaying the ParkerStore™ brand on our storefront. Along the way, we have brought in Sun Hydraulics, Riken, and labels like JIC, Handok into the Philippine market. Don't worry! We've also imported brands like Danfoss, Stauff, and others, see our roster of suppliers for more information.


Besides having quality hydraulic and pneumatic parts, we pride our sales team for having extensive knowledge on various machinery, especially on their proper handling and maintenance, to give your equipment the running edge and to avoid long-term problems.


We have always worked to become a one-stop shop for industrial equipment parts. Our company goes the extra mile to provide clients and staff training on equipment handled by our brand partners. We make sure every item that passes through our doors is precisely fitted for your equipment. We’re here to provide Filipinos accessible and quality equipment products.

Fluid Energy Philippines, Inc., 2020

You don’t need to look any further, we at Fluid Energy Philippines Inc. can help you in your equipment needs. Contact us now.

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