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Official Logo Redesign

We're happy to announce that as of May 2021, we are rebranding with a new logo.


The logo was with us since our founding in 2010. While this is a significant change, our values did not. This time, we want to show you a fresh symbol that can capture our brands' spirit.

We're aspiring to be modern and simple. We want to show you that we can adapt in today's technology and pushing ourselves into the digital realm. This new logo symbolizes that change we're going for.

From 2020, we've improved our website and added social media accounts to serve you better. The updated logo's openness and borderless design shows the opportunity to connect to everyone.  We want to show we're serious on our mission to providing every Filipinos through every platform available.

See all our new official logo and icons below:

We've like to thank the folks of Lifeway Media Solutions for helping us conceptualize our branding.

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